[arch-general] Way of flaging out of date?

王凯 fearee at gmail.com
Sat Apr 12 06:26:14 EDT 2008

You can just ping the pkg maintainer. Why make things complex.

2008/4/12, gan lu <rhythm.gan at gmail.com>:
> In my opinion, Arch is the best distro can really do bleeding edge with
> stablility, thank devs for their excellent work. However due to some reasion
> (saying shortage of time, man power, instersts etc), some applications
> can't be updated in time. We can certainly flag it out of date in the web
> page easily, but is there a way we can record when it was flaged at the
> first time and count how many people (useres) want to flag it (like enable
> people to vote, but of course only  send a remind email at the first/person
> )?
> Just my idea, I am not a programmer so don't blame me not to do it real by
> myself.
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