[arch-general] Way of flaging out of date?

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Sat Apr 12 19:13:11 EDT 2008

On Sun, Apr 13, 2008 at 2:01 AM, Attila <attila at invalid.invalid> wrote:

> On Samstag, 12. April 2008 17:33 Jan de Groot wrote:
> At first i don't want to create a bureaucratic monster.-)
> > The first thing I stated isn't actually true though: we can unflag
> > packages, which we'll certainly do when people think development
> > versions of packages like GTK are newer than the stable version in our
> > repository. This happens on a daily basis when GNOME development
> > releases are pushed to the FTP for example, or in cases when people
> > think gnome-common should be 2.22.0 because GNOME is at 2.22.x (while
> > there's only gnome-common-2.20.0 on the upstream FTP).
> I never think about it but as i wrote your lines i think about a comment
> filed
> as in the bug tracker. So a dev can unflag the package with a comment as
> "It
> is the actual one" or "Will get updated if package xyz from testing is
> ready"
> or "The newer one don't compiles because ...". In the third case it is
> possible that more people can search for a patch or can contact the dev
> from
> mainstream and the maintainer of the package don't need to tell the same
> even
> and even again.

Yes, the thing bothers me is that you see how many times a package has being
flaged for quite a long time, but without any feedback from maintainer or
devs, which is sad for you.

> But if this makes more work than it is a help than forget my idea.


> See you, Attila
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