[arch-general] texlive (again?)

François Charette firmicus at ankabut.net
Mon Apr 21 14:37:01 EDT 2008

Thomas Bächler a écrit :
> Thomas Bächler schrieb:
>>> 2) move tetex and all packages depending on it from extra to community
>>>    (that's only: kile, latex2html, lyx, texmacs)
>>>    (the trouble is that these makedep on tetex: evince, kdegraphics,
>>>    yodl; but maybe just keep tetex on the build machine for a time
>>>    being?)
>> We could make sure that either these packages depend on a virtual 
>> "tex" package that is provided by texlive or make texlive provide tetex.
> Ha! texlive-core already provides tetex. Therefore, you can use all 
> applications that depend on tetex with texlive instead. This situation 
> is good enough for me.
So you assumed I had not thought about it! ;-) 

Seriously, I am happy with texlive in community. I have already prepared 
a test package of texlive-bin from the svn repo, in preparation for the 
forthcoming release of "TeXLive 2008". Everything compiled just fine. 
Things have improved upstream and the maintainance will be simplified 
(which is good for me!). I'll also move the installation from /opt to 
/usr, which will things simpler. And users will soon have bleeding-edge 
binaries of pdftex, xetex, luatex and even xindy.

If you choose to keep tetex in extra, I would suggest you add a big 
warning message in the install scriptlet that advises the user that it 
is outdated and not maintained, and that they may probably prefer to 
install texlive from community instead (just my 2¢)...


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