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Mon Apr 21 15:52:33 EDT 2008

Guys this discussion is about to, if it has not already, become circular.
That's o.k. too, but you guys are not comprehending the information in
some of these emails.

Um, the answer to this is the same for ANY two or more packages that may
be used to do the same thing. And that has already been answered.-> Use
the power of the declaratory fields that can exist in the PKGBUILDs

Also, please do NOT get hung up on which repo a package exists in. In the
end it usually does not matter. And "tetex" (or it's 'replacement') is, as
far as I can tell, one of those programs wherein it does not matter.

Very best regards;

Bob Finch

> On Montag, 21. April 2008 11:45 Thomas Bächler wrote:
>> Ha! texlive-core already provides tetex. Therefore, you can use all
>> applications that depend on tetex with texlive instead. This situation
>> is good enough for me.
> But there is still the problem that if you do "pacman -S kile" (or
> auctex, lyx etc.) at example than i think tetex will get installed
> instead of texlive. If i'm wrong than forget this.
> I can't speak for Jan but his "switch" means for me more a "having only
> texlive". You be right that it doesn't matter for me too in which repo
> texlive stays but what about removing tetex from the extra repo to avoid
> that an unmaintained package get installed?
> See you, Attila
> P.S: "finddeps tetex" output:
> depends: /var/abs/community/lib/python-pyx
> depends: /var/abs/community/network/yfklog
> depends: /var/abs/community/office/auctex
> depends: /var/abs/community/office/lilypond
> depends: /var/abs/community/office/prosper
> depends: /var/abs/community/office/texvc
> depends: /var/abs/community/science/gri
> makedepends: /var/abs/extra/evince
> makedepends: /var/abs/extra/kdegraphics
> depends: /var/abs/extra/kile
> depends: /var/abs/extra/latex2html
> depends: /var/abs/extra/lyx
> depends: /var/abs/extra/texmacs
> makedepends: /var/abs/extra/yodl

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