[arch-general] Any place where changes in testing are announced?

Dan McGee dpmcgee at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 19:17:04 EDT 2008

On Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 6:05 PM, Scott Horowitz <stonecrest at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 4:40 PM, Alessio Bolognino
> <themolok.ml at gmail.com> wrote:
> >  Pacman's changelog support was added to reflect "package's changes", not
>  >  "upstream changes"; that's what frugalware devs are doing, and they use
>  >  (almost) the same package manager.
>  Interesting, it seems you're correct. It looks like the only way to
>  know this, though, is to look at the changelog.proto file. None of the
>  pacman documentation alludes to this fact, so I always assumed it was
>  upstream changes.
>  Considering this is the case, I'm with Peter - why not just
>  automatically update the changelog from svn commit messages? Otherwise
>  I'm having a hard time believing that packagers will ever start
>  writing them...

Well if a changelog consisting of:
upgpkg: gimp 2.5.0-2
upgpkg: gimp 2.5.0-1
upgpkg: gimp 2.4.9-1
upgpkg: gimp 2.4.8-1
upgpkg: gimp 2.4.7-1

helps you, then file a support request or something. I don't find it
particularly helpful. But this ties SVN to package building, and you
can't commit before you build the package, and then your log messages
are always one behind, etc.

I didn't want to go flaming before and I still don't, but the OP is
asking for us to keep him informed of every decision and step we take
even though he doesn't have time to read the mailing list. Sorry, but
this is impossible and the rest of us aren't going to take the time to
keep you perfectly happy. Either you follow the public mailing list or
you can't- that is fine. But you can't expect our small development
staff to bend over to feed you changelogs when you can look at the SVN
commits to follow development.

Speaking of which, maybe this will be helpful to some:


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