[arch-general] Closing bugreports too fast?

Gerhard Brauer gerhard.brauer at web.de
Wed Apr 30 05:03:27 EDT 2008


i thought about a "trap" in which myself are also fallen sometimes:
I look at the bugtracker to see if someone filed already a bugreport for
a problem. But i don't find it cause it is already fixed and thereby
marked as closed. And without using advandced search functions all
searches are only done on open bugreports.

As an example the problem yesterday with kdelibs:
In forum thread someone says: i write a bugreport (without posting the
number ;-) It was #10312
tpowa provided a fixed package in a nice short time, quickly, and then
closed the report (fixed). But users in the forum have had problems to
find this report cause it was closed.
If i look at the history of the report i see: Aaron reopened it, then we
have user request for closing an Jan closed it finally again.

On such reports (the maintainer knows that many users would/could have
the problem, sometimes only during different mirror syncing) i would
suggest **not** to close such a report too fast.
Ok, it is fixed from developer side (and maybe available on
ftp.archlinux.org) but users could run in the problem probably later or

I see no problem with reports where the reporter says: ok, it worked,
you could close it. And where the maintainer knows: it was maybe a local
or a problem on a minor package.
But in situations like above it would be helpfully if the report wasn't
closed (as well it was fixed on developer side), but maybe in a status
like: fixed, scheduled for closing. But the report is "open" and so
found on searching.
I don't know if the bugtracker have such a function to closed it
automatically for ex. after 6 days. On the other hand the maintainer
must do this (it's additional work, but i think it's worth).


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