[arch-general] Closing bugreports too fast?

Grigorios Bouzakis grbzks at gmail.com
Wed Apr 30 05:26:43 EDT 2008

On 4/30/08, Gerhard Brauer <gerhard.brauer at web.de> wrote:
> Hello,
> i thought about a "trap" in which myself are also fallen sometimes:
> I look at the bugtracker to see if someone filed already a bugreport for
> a problem. But i don't find it cause it is already fixed and thereby
> marked as closed. And without using advandced search functions all
> searches are only done on open bugreports.
> As an example the problem yesterday with kdelibs:
> In forum thread someone says: i write a bugreport (without posting the
> number ;-) It was #10312
> tpowa provided a fixed package in a nice short time, quickly, and then
> closed the report (fixed). But users in the forum have had problems to
> find this report cause it was closed.
> If i look at the history of the report i see: Aaron reopened it, then we
> have user request for closing an Jan closed it finally again.
> On such reports (the maintainer knows that many users would/could have
> the problem, sometimes only during different mirror syncing) i would
> suggest **not** to close such a report too fast.
> Ok, it is fixed from developer side (and maybe available on
> ftp.archlinux.org) but users could run in the problem probably later or
> tommorrow.
> I see no problem with reports where the reporter says: ok, it worked,
> you could close it. And where the maintainer knows: it was maybe a local
> or a problem on a minor package.
> But in situations like above it would be helpfully if the report wasn't
> closed (as well it was fixed on developer side), but maybe in a status
> like: fixed, scheduled for closing. But the report is "open" and so
> found on searching.
> I don't know if the bugtracker have such a function to closed it
> automatically for ex. after 6 days. On the other hand the maintainer
> must do this (it's additional work, but i think it's worth).
> Regards
>        Gerhard
> --
> Don't drink and root!

I would never have thought that closing bug reports too fast would be a
problem to someone. IMHO you are making this seem like an issue when it
really isnt.
Just make a duplicate bug report. Noone will mock you for making
it.Lets not overcomplicate things when there is no need. The flyspray
interface sucks enough already.


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