[arch-general] kernel 2.6.24 and rlocate can work together

Attila attila at invalid.invalid
Thu Feb 14 13:41:23 EST 2008

On Mittwoch, 13. Februar 2008 23:15 Roman Kyrylych wrote:

> Just wanted to inform users who don't keep an eye on a bugtracker,
> that I've patched rlocate to work with 2.6.24 kernel

At first i want to thanks for your your work.

> So now:
> * configure doesn't fail due to capabilities not being modularized/disabled
> * rlocate module builds with non-modularized LSMs
>   (no reverting of the (in)famous commit needed)
> * modprobe rlocate doesn't fail, /dev/rlocate is created
> * /etc/rc.d/rlocate runs

This works well too here with your files from aur and the arch kernel.

> I didn't manage how to make it update the db in real-time though,
> but maybe I was doing something wrong
> (I don't use any locate utility at all :-P)

A test is very easy but i can understand you.-)

> So please test rlocate-0.5.6-3 to see if rlocated really does its job
> with .24 kernel.

I take a test directory which includes some files and play a little around
with 'cp -r' and 'rm -r'. I boot several times to compare the behavior with
my other two kernel packages ( and which use the
2.6.24-LSM-revert-static.patch). It is even the same with the ARCH kernel
because it seems that the file /var/lib/rlocate/rlocate.db.diff never gets
updated. This is why i suggest to re-open bug #9564.

I hope this happens only to me because i can live with patching my own kernel
package and wait what the future will brings.

See you, Attila

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