[arch-general] problem with fakeroot

Attila attila at invalid.invalid
Wed Feb 20 17:37:39 EST 2008

On Mittwoch, 20. Februar 2008 21:01 Karolina Lindqvist wrote:

> Oh, it has? I made the patches to PKGBUILD about a month ago, so I can't
> remember exactly what I did and why. Only that building with kdelibs from
> SVN gave problems and I tried for fast fixes. I got so tired of it, so I did
> not bother to find the reason for the failing of fakeroot until now.

That is why i was so surprised because at the first look there is no reason
why it stops for you and for me not. Me personally fells unwell if i have to
run makepkg under root acout but i can understand why you can live with your

> I don't like that solution, and I don't believe in it. Can mplayer handle
> the interactvity of flash? I really love mplayer, and it is my favourite
> player from the command prompt (hey, I have even contributed), but I find
> that the integration with web pages often does not work so good. The new
> flash works great, and I find it more dependable than mplayer, and thus a
> great and cannot-be-without upgrade to kde.

Hmm, i don't know if i understand you in the right way but the solution from
the url is to get the new flashplugin 9.0.115 work together with an unpatched
konqueror. The NPP backend of kmplayer is only used for running a Netscape
XEmbed plugin and the look is the same as before with the older flashplugin.
I don't know what you mean with interactvity but this be my two test pages
which works well:

[Yes, i like the nba and the first one from Lamar Odom is my favorite -)]

[Is this interactiv enough?]

But please don't think i want to induce you to change your working system.

> I just could not determine if the fix should be in fakeroot, in kdelibs, or
> in makepkg like you suggest. I would consider an upgrade kdelibs having a
> higher priority, but until then the easiest way for me is just to build my
> own. I anyway also build for i586, so it is as easy as "makepkg" to build
> for i686 too.

I'm lazy so one extra line in makepkg is my favorite.-) If you want you can
post (or send me) your PKGBUILD from kdelibs and i will try it as normal

See you, Attila

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