[arch-general] Concurrent java environments

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Sun Feb 24 06:34:15 EST 2008

Comments and a solution offered below:

> Hi,
>> You could install gcc-gcj and symlink the web plugin in the right
>> directory without installing java-gcj-compat.
> Yes. But sadly, as I was saying, that won't work for applets using
> certificates because they would be looking for files
> like /usr/lib/jvm/java-1.5.0-gcj- and
> those (actually I'm not sure if this is the only such a file or if there
> are more) are a part of java-gcj-compat. So because of this one may
> really need java-gcj-compat.
>> The reason why we have
>> it conflicting is because we want to have only one complete java
>> solution installed on a system.
> OK and the reason for this is which? :-) Shouldn't this be up to the
> user? Does it have some real drawbacks to have more than one java
> installed? I on the other hand can imagine that someone is developing
> java applications and wants to test it against gcj, Sun's java, IBM's
> java and perhaps even some others - why should it be a problem unless
> there are some technical difficulties in setting up the environments?

I see a HUGE headache is asking the user to deal with "changing paths"
just so a few users can have two java implementations installed. Or even
worse asking some sort of software to 'automagically' switch such
declarations. there is nothing but grief in going that route with little
to gain except for those highly specific usages of a untypical and quite
unusual user such as yourself.

i.e. There is nothing whatsoever K.I.S.S. in what you are asking for. And
ArchLinux is *very* SPECIFICALLY a K.I.S.S. style distribution.

however all is not lost for you since there *IS* both abs AND a way to
track specialized PKGBUILDs on specific and particular machines. A user
such as yourself CAN (!) choose to do the things YOU desire without asking
Arch to accommodate what you ask for. i.e. You can do this for yourself
quite easily using the Arch-way once you determine EXACTLY how to
accomplish your configuration. I would suggest you read up on customizing
PKGBUILDs so you can facilitate YOUR specific needs.

Very best regards;

Bob Finch

> Ondøej
> --
> Cheers,
> Ondøej Kuèera

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