[arch-general] Lyx and texlive don't allow viewing the document as pdf, ps, or dvi

Ravi Desai ravster3 at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 14 21:12:24 EDT 2008

    I have installed lyx, and texlive (from community). I am now (I had 
tetex earlier and it was working fine) unable to view my documents by 
clicking View -> DVI or View -> PDF or by clicking the PDF, DVI, and PS 
buttons on the toolbar.
    I keep getting the error dialog box "File does not exist: 
/tmp/lyx_tmpdir[random letters and numbers]/lyx_tmpbuf0/foo.dvi" or 
"blah: blah/foo.pdf" or "blah: /blah/foo.ps".
    Does anyone know how I may solve this problem? I could go back to 
tetex, but I'd feel more satisfied with finding a solution to the 
problem, so here I am :) .

Thank you

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