[arch-general] ? regarding latest Dont Panic updates, and KDE4

David Rosenstrauch darose at darose.net
Wed Jul 30 17:29:11 EDT 2008

Daenyth Blank wrote:
>> The KDEmod repo is a possibility.  A couple of things give me pause about
>> using it though:  1) it's not really "stock" KDE packages; they're split
>> into modules; they're heavily patched; etc., and
> Just to clarify, KDEmod uses only 2 patches:
> - The background of the splash screen, it says "KDEmod 4.1" rather
> than "KDE 4.1"
> - There is a KDEmod label in the KDE about dialogs
> http://kdemod.ath.cx/bbs/viewtopic.php?pid=5300#p5300
>> 2) what I'd really like to
>> do is be able to run KDE3 and 4 side-by-side, which I don't believe KDEmod
>> will let me do.
> It looks like they are planning to do this.
> http://kdemod.ath.cx/bbs/viewtopic.php?pid=5295#p5295

Thanks much for the info.  I was not aware about the minimal patching. 
Good to know.

In another part of their site, though, they mention that they're 
planning to focus on KDE4 going forward, and though they want to support 
KDE3 going forward, they're looking for someone else take that on.  So I 
wasn't sure if this is something that was likely to happen.  I think 
I'll get in touch with them about this, though, and see if maybe we can 
join forces.

Thanks again,


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