[arch-general] Qsynth crashes when clicking on buttons (Don't Panic)

Nigel Henry cave.dnb2m97pp at aliceadsl.fr
Thu Mar 6 13:29:49 EST 2008

On Thursday 06 March 2008 13:46, charly wrote:
> If it works with qt-mod and not arch-provided qt, let us know cause maybe
> there's a problem with our binary

Hi Charly. Looked at the kde-mod site, but as you have do remove all the 
current KDE packages, before installing kde-mod, I passed on that option, 
especially as Archlinux is working just fine apart from Qsynth, and a litle 
problem with Jacman, which I believe is being worked on.

If I had another instance of Archlinux installed (and I'm sure I could do 
that, as I've several ancient distros on my drives), I'd be happy to try 
ked-mod, but that will have to wait for another day.

Anyway. Back to the Qsynth problem.

I thought I'd try installing the source file for Qsynth from sourceforge.net. 
Built, and installed it in /usr/local, but with the same results. Clicking on 
anything in Qsynth caused it to crash.

Ok. Now I su to root (which I don't like doing, unless some permissions 
problem appears to be causing the problem) , and now Qsynth(with jack already 
started) complains that it can't connect to jack. Anyway Qsynth's GUI doesn't 
crash when I click on the settings button, and I change the audio to Alsa, 
then restart Qsynth. Then make the connection in Qjackctl from my midi 
keyboard to fluidsynth, and can play some notes (although they are a bit 
stuttery). So far so good, and Qsynth is sort of working without crashing, 
but only as root.

Going back to the sourceforge site where I got the Qsynth tarball from, it 
mentions that Qsynth's settings are kept in ~/.config. Looking at that file, 
it's padlocked, and only accessable as root. It contained 2 directories, 
gtk-2.0, and mcbc.org, and one file Trolltech.conf. The mcbc.org directory 
contains the Qsynth.conf file.

Going for it, I change the ownership of this directory to User: djmons, and 
Group: djmons.

Now I open Qjackctl, start jack, and open Qsynth, and Qsynth works like 
clockwork, and my keyboard plays the sounds with no stuttering, as they had 
when Qsynth was started as root.

I don't think this is a problem with Qsynth, but more to do with which program 
creates the .config directory in the /home/user directory, and makes it only 
accessable as root.

Incidentally ~/.config has the mcbc.org directory, and the Trolltech.conf file 
now accessable by the user, but the gtk-2.0 directory is still padlocked 
( only accessable as root)

Just a bit of info from trying to resolve a problem.


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