[arch-general] Qsynth crashes when clicking on buttons (Don't Panic)

charly charlyghislain at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 14:22:52 EST 2008

Hi Henry,

Having config files in your user home dir only accessible as root surely is a 
Since files in .config are typically created on the first run, don't you have 
the (bad) habit to run programs as root?
Do the test. Remove your Qsynth.conf file and start it as root (sudo qsynth).

I don't see how these files coiuld have been owned by root any other way.
You should make sure you own every file in your home dir (man chown) and to 
run programs as normal user.



On Thursday 06 March 2008 19:29:49 Nigel Henry wrote:
> On Thursday 06 March 2008 13:46, charly wrote:
> > If it works with qt-mod and not arch-provided qt, let us know cause maybe
> > there's a problem with our binary
> Hi Charly. Looked at the kde-mod site, but as you have do remove all the
> current KDE packages, before installing kde-mod, I passed on that option,
> especially as Archlinux is working just fine apart from Qsynth, and a litle
> problem with Jacman, which I believe is being worked on.
> If I had another instance of Archlinux installed (and I'm sure I could do
> that, as I've several ancient distros on my drives), I'd be happy to try
> ked-mod, but that will have to wait for another day.
> Anyway. Back to the Qsynth problem.
> I thought I'd try installing the source file for Qsynth from
> sourceforge.net. Built, and installed it in /usr/local, but with the same
> results. Clicking on anything in Qsynth caused it to crash.
> Ok. Now I su to root (which I don't like doing, unless some permissions
> problem appears to be causing the problem) , and now Qsynth(with jack
> already started) complains that it can't connect to jack. Anyway Qsynth's
> GUI doesn't crash when I click on the settings button, and I change the
> audio to Alsa, then restart Qsynth. Then make the connection in Qjackctl
> from my midi keyboard to fluidsynth, and can play some notes (although they
> are a bit stuttery). So far so good, and Qsynth is sort of working without
> crashing, but only as root.
> Going back to the sourceforge site where I got the Qsynth tarball from, it
> mentions that Qsynth's settings are kept in ~/.config. Looking at that
> file, it's padlocked, and only accessable as root. It contained 2
> directories, gtk-2.0, and mcbc.org, and one file Trolltech.conf. The
> mcbc.org directory contains the Qsynth.conf file.
> Going for it, I change the ownership of this directory to User: djmons, and
> Group: djmons.
> Now I open Qjackctl, start jack, and open Qsynth, and Qsynth works like
> clockwork, and my keyboard plays the sounds with no stuttering, as they had
> when Qsynth was started as root.
> I don't think this is a problem with Qsynth, but more to do with which
> program creates the .config directory in the /home/user directory, and
> makes it only accessable as root.
> Incidentally ~/.config has the mcbc.org directory, and the Trolltech.conf
> file now accessable by the user, but the gtk-2.0 directory is still
> padlocked ( only accessable as root)
> Just a bit of info from trying to resolve a problem.
> Nigel.

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