[arch-general] [arch-dev-public] [signoff] udev 118-4

Michal Soltys soltys at ziu.info
Sun Mar 9 19:36:57 EDT 2008

Aaron Griffin wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 9, 2008 at 3:05 AM, Michal Soltys <soltys at ziu.info> wrote:
>>  ENV{MODALIAS}=="modaliases #1", OPTION="ignore_device"
>>  ENV{MODALIAS}=="modaliases #2", OPTION="ignore_device"
> This is way more complex than you think it is. Let me explain. A
> typical module exposes it's aliases WITH wildcartds included. Here's
> an example:
> $ modinfo nvidiafb
> alias:          pci:v000010DEd*sv*sd*bc03sc*i*
> If you want to write out modalias rules for this, you are welcome to.
> I will give you a hint, though: each of those asterisks above is a 4
> digit number. And that is just nvidia. Don't forget intel, ati,
> unichrome, and all the other framebuffer modules out there.

But you can use that alias as-is in udev rules, as wildcards are supported.

As for generating, something analogous to...

cat >03-fb-block.rules <<EOF
ACTION!="add", GOTO="fb_block_end"
DRIVER=="?*", GOTO="fb_block_end"
ENV{MODALIAS}!="?*", GOTO="fb_block_end"

for i in `find /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel/drivers/video/ -iname 
"*fb*.ko"` ; do modinfo "$i" | sed -ne 's/alias: 
*\(.*\)/ENV{MODALIAS}=="\1" OPTIONS="ignore_device"/ ;/^ENV/p' 
 >>03-fb-block.rules ; done

cat >>03-fb-block.rules <<EOF

...would do the thing. The file is not tiny though ~300 rules for Arch's 
generic kernel. But it's not an issue of any sort for udevd.

My general idea was to get that into kernel's, or udev's PKGBUILD.

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