[arch-general] initscripts-splash

dongiovanni at archlinux.de dongiovanni at archlinux.de
Thu Mar 13 15:58:39 EDT 2008


Currently I'm maintaining splashy and fbsplash. Some time ago there was a
discussion of integration of the splash hooks in the initscripts in
Is there something planed? It would reduce problems for some less
experienced users.

If this isn't possible, can someone update initscripts-splash when the new
initscripts go to [core]? I only could upload a third initscripts package,
that I can maintain myself, but that would only make a mess...
I don't know if dtw is still active. The last time a dev updated the
initscripts-splash package.
Since I'm not a TU I depend on someone who updates it in order to support
the new udev in a correct way.

Thanks for now,


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