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Didi ribalba at gmail.com
Wed Mar 26 09:44:49 EDT 2008

Arch should be careful not to go the same way Gentoo did. (Of course
Arch and Gentoo are two different concepts). Gentoo at the beginning
was quite purist and you had do have "some *NIX intelligence" to use
it. You had to know how the start up worked and how the kernel is
called by grub, if you didn't know you learnt if. Just a few examples.
You have to distinguish between high level Linuxes like Ubuntu and low
level Linuxes like www.linuxfromscratch.org. Gentoo moved from low
level to high level and lost many good people because of this, maybe
it gained some too. Arch has to decide where it stands.
Do everything for the user or have a good documentation system where
stuff is explained, if the user wants to do something.

Personally I use Arch because I can tell it what to do and if I don't
tell it to do something, it will not do it. So if I want automount I
enable it, otherwise I don't want it.

Cheers Didi
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