[arch-general] Installation: after first reboot ext3 superblock mount time in future

Gerhard Brauer gerhard.brauer at web.de
Sun Mar 30 09:20:38 EDT 2008


i've done a bit more testing.
First i think it's not a bug in any package. It's only a mismatch
between clock set on install machine and the timezone which is later set
during config.

1. I guess there is absolut no problem on machines where the hardware
clock is set to UTC by default.

2. If the clock is set to localtime there is a mismatch directly after
booting the kernel. The time is read from bios and then the timezone is
UTC per default what is a wrong time. Ex.
My localtime is 13:46 (= machines hardwareclock) but this time is
So date on the machine itself shows:
Sun Mar 30 13:46 UTC 2008 but it must be
Sun Mar 30 11:46 UTC 2008 or
Sun Mar 30 13:46 CEST 2008 

a) set the time by hand (KISS, maybe put a hint on installation guide?)
date -s "13:46 CEST" result in:
Sun Mar 30 11:46 UTC 2008
which is the now correct UTC time.
b) put tzdata package on ISO, so the user could use tzselect. Hint could
also be given in instalation guide. Or we make it more comfortable
(handholding the user) and put this as a menu in installer("Set your
timezone"). The $TZ env var could then also used by the installer to
initial set TIMEZONE in rc.conf as we do it with KEYMAP. As a side
effect we could reduce a lot of postings in forums where users not set
this correctly. But that need perhaps discussion, i feel it a little bit
to handholding.

Personally i will use a) in the future.
As a solution which maybe should be discussed i would prefer b), tzdata
on ISO and a entry in installer menu.

What do you think? Other ideas?


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