[arch-general] Installation: after first reboot ext3?superblock mount time in future

Gerhard Brauer gerhard.brauer at web.de
Sun Mar 30 10:14:48 EDT 2008

On Sun, Mar 30, 2008 at 01:40:10PM +0200, Arvid Ephraim Picciani wrote:
> i vote for putting a) in the instalation guide so new users dont get scared by 
> this (imo) non issue.
You're right, it's not an real issue. Only a little annoying if you
forget to set it correctly. I've last test something with a ~1.9TB
partition and run in this fsck after first boot. CTRL+C was my friend

> wasnt there noted in the guide that you have to link your timezone
> somewhere?
Yes, in the chapter where to set the values in rc.conf. But at this time
it's already to late, TZ (or time) must be set before starting the
installer (or at top of installer). We *must* have a constant, correct
time during install, especially after fdisk/1.mount and remount during

tzselect has the advantage that user could do it interactiv. With this
(another idea) we could handle this like km:
put a hint /etc/motd:
| Timezone:
|   - to set your time(zone) correctly during installlation, type tzselect
|   on console.

> best regards/Mit freundlichen Grüßen
> Arvid Ephraim Picciani


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