[arch-general] Perhaps a bug on the dependences of KDE 4.2

Christian Leng rookie999.ly at gmail.com
Sat Feb 7 09:12:02 EST 2009

Greetings to all.

Last night I tried to install KDE on my system. I had not had any
version of KDE installed before.
I simply used "pacman -S kde" to install the complete KDE from the
REPO. Of course, "kde" was a package group:
    [rookie at DROWNWESTLAKE ~]$ pacman -Qg kde
    kde kdeaccessibility
    kde kdeadmin
    kde kdeartwork
    kde kdebase
    kde kdebase-runtime
    kde kdebase-workspace
    kde kdeedu
    kde kdegames
    kde kdegraphics
    kde kdelibs
    kde kdemultimedia
    kde kdenetwork
    kde kdepim
    kde kdepimlibs
    kde kdeplasma-addons
    kde kdesdk
    kde kdetoys
    kde kdeutils
    kde kdewebdev

After the installation, I edited /etc/rc.conf and added the kdm to the
daemons. Then I was desperated to find that KDM couldn't be launched
correctly(but "startkde" worked well). A message box was displayed on
the screen, saying "can't open file:
/usr/share/apps/kdm/themes/archlinux-soft-grey". Then I searched the
packages and installed the package 'archlinux-themes-kdm' and
everything went well.

It seems that the default kdm theme is set to 'archlinux-soft-grey'
but the proper package can't be retrieved and installed automatically,
i.e. a bug on the dependences of kde.

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