[arch-general] mpd 0.14 requires curl, glib && glib seems to be outdated

Vincent Van Houtte vvh at synergylaw.be
Mon Feb 16 05:31:05 EST 2009

Dear ML,

mpd has been flagged out-of-date, so I'm encouraged to post my problem
here instead of on the bugtracker.

Installing mpd on a bare system does not resolve all dependencies,
since I had to install:
- curl (libcurl-*.so missing)
- glib (libgthread-*.2.0.0.so missing)

Next problem: glib installs both libgthread-*.1.2.0.so and
libgthread.so, but mpd required v2.0.0 specificly.

So: mpd needs to be rebuilt requiring another version of libgthread or
glib needs to be updated (IMVHO).

Possibly mpd has other dependencies - I will report them later.


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