[arch-general] Are base packages assumed?

Edgar Kalkowski eMail at edgar-kalkowski.de
Thu Jul 9 09:13:27 EDT 2009

Off topic: The ~2 G size of the installed packages pacman shows is complete size of all updated packages not the difference between the currently installed size and the size after the upgrade, right? So the complete upgrade might have worked for you.

Sorry to interrupt the thread. ;)


Am oder ungefähr am Donnerstag, 09. Juli 2009, um 14:25:56 schrieb Marco:
> Hi Allan,
> > Are you sure it was a "-Syu" and not an "-Sy" followed by installing
> > something (which many people now have discovered is bad...).  The readline
> > and bash packages were one after the other so readline was in the [core]
> > repo without base for about one second.  It is unlikely any mirror did a
> > sync of the repo db in that time.
> Ok, I admit it was something like that ;)
>  It was my older laptop, I have / mounted on a 4 G partition, and I
> had 1.3 G free. I upgraded after a couple of months, so I had to
> download 700 M of packages with ~2 G installed dimension. So I decided
> to do it piecewise, starting with the kernel and other big pkgs
> (texlive, openjdk...). Pacman downloaded and installed kernel and
> dependencies, with readline 6, not touching bash 3. Then -Scc, and I
> went on with another group of packages. After I while I got an error
> message (something like readline.so.5 not found on filesystem) and I
> was not able anymore to login as root, nor to halt or reboot. Then I
> looked in the bbs and found that the problem was that I did'n install
> bash4. Booted from a live cd and fixed it.
> Still, pacman let me install readline 6 without upgrading to bash 4. I
> consider it a bug (even if the policy and common sense say that you
> should upgrade with -Syu).
> Cheers,
> Marco
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