[arch-general] [arch-dev-public] [signoff] vc/* -> tty* transition

Matthew pyther at pyther.net
Sat Jul 18 17:37:19 EDT 2009

Loui Chang wrote:
> On Sat 18 Jul 2009 22:11 +0200, Thomas Bächler wrote:
>> Matthew schrieb:
>>> Although you are correct, I do not think automatically fixing the
>>> problem is a good solution here.
>>> First, I am not a big fan of the idea of package modifying a core
>>> file. Secondly what will happen when a user reinstalls the
>>> initscripts? If my memory holds me correctly the sed command will
>>> fail which will cause the post_install() to fail, because the file
>>> already has the correct modifications.
>> No, all that will happen is ... nothing. And there is a difference
>> between post_upgrade and post_install!
>> I don't want to spend the next 3 weeks responding to forum posts,
>> mailing list threads and irc rants about the same little thing that
>> could have been fixed safely and easily! Do you?
> Hah. It seems that Arch is turning into one of them user friendly
> distros where things are automatically configured and all eh?
> Really I think the proper thing would be to put out a notice that it
> will be changed, give users a chance to adjust, then change it.
> Don't bother answering those who are unattentive. Let them suffer or
> choose another distro.
Loui stated it very well.

I must admit that I forgot about post_upgrade, however I still think it 
is a poor idea to let a package modify a critical system file. In this 
instance, modifying the file is not that big of a deal, but by modifying 
the file a precedents gets sets. Where does the line get drawn, then? 
What do we start automatically modifying next?

Over the past year or so, we have seen a great deal of new users, which 
IMHO do not fully appreciate arch for what arch truly is. Does that mean 
we should make arch easier? I think by automating this processes it 
would be the start of arch becoming a ubuntu, fedora, suse type of 
One of the things that made arch great was that you knew exactly what 
was going on with your system and how it worked. By automating this 
task, you lose a bit of that. A few years ago, this idea would have been 
shot down in an instant.

As for the users who don't like it, simply ignore them. If you want to 
be "helpful" post a link to the news entry and leave it at that. Those 
who want to help such users can do so in the Newbie conner of the forum.


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