[arch-general] [arch-dev-public] [signoff] vc/* -> tty* transition

Loui Chang louipc.ist at gmail.com
Sat Jul 18 20:09:02 EDT 2009

On Sun 19 Jul 2009 01:39 +0200, Thomas Bächler wrote:
> Matthew schrieb:
> >What if the post_upgrade() message gives the users the sed command to run?
> Seems kind of pointless.
> >Who cares about the users? Arch has been a distro that is made the
> >way the developers want it, not the users. The users just reap the
> >benefits of all the developers hard work. It seems as if more devs
> >care about the users, especially the new users. We get lucky if you
> >(the devs) listen to us. So what if we loose 50% of the user base?
> >Does that really matter?
> What the developers want, at least me, is not spend the next two
> weeks being bitched at because philosophy forbids us to change a file
> automatically.
> >Back in the day, the devs got their way. They listened to user
> >input, but more times than not they did what they wanted. They
> >didn't give a squat about the users. IMHO this was one of the
> >qualities that made arch great! And know it is disappearing.
> In fact, it is not disappearing. I'll just listen to what you said,
> then ignore it and get it my way. I beat you with your own logic, how
> nice is that?

Haha. Yeah I just don't want packages to be messing with my configs
behind my back. Post a message with a sed command, or a .pacnew file, or
something. Don't do it without letting me have that control.

That's rude.

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