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Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Sun Jul 19 06:57:30 EDT 2009

Pierre Chapuis schrieb:
> That teaching might require breaking the system of those that don't follow simple rules such as read the output of Pacman.

How can a user distinguish between important pacman output and the crap 
that is put everywherre?

> Moreover, I have modified /etc/inittab, and depending on what the sed does, it might break my system. I don't think I'm the only user to have done that. So, even if you go the sed way, you will need to use post_upgrade() to warn the users that you changed something, and probably create a .pacsave... But in fact, if your goal is to make the systems of people who don't know what /etc/inittab is work, why use sed and not just replace the file with a new one using tty?

There was the time when pacman saved the old file as .pacsave and put 
the new one in place, effectively restoring the default configuration 
and leaving it to the user to merge in his custom configuration. I am 
beginning to understand why someone would do it this way.

Nowadays, as soon as you modify the file, the new files are installed as 
.pacnew which makes sense most of the time. But in this case ... let's 
admit it, most users don't really care about inittab. Some HOWTO told 
them to uncomment a line for their login manager and they forgot about 
it. If you really want to educate users, remove all those HOWTOs that 
people follow step-by-step without understanding a word and let them 
figure it out themselves.

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