[arch-general] Firefox on Arch - crash on exit

Tim Gelter tgelter at gurulabs.com
Mon Jul 20 12:05:38 EDT 2009

Octavian Florea wrote:
> Tim Gelter wrote:
>> I appreciate the offer, but it'd be easy enough to do something like:
>> alias firefox="killall firefox && firefox"
>> What I'm looking for is an answer to why Firefox has this issue on arch,
>> but not on other mainstream distros. Or am I really the only user
>> experiencing this issue? (other than the couple of guys who responded
>> saying that deleting a lock file or two solved the issue for them)
> I experienced the same issues (in Kubuntu, though) when using
> gtk-qt-engine. I switched to qtcurve and firefox closed normally.
interesting. I too am using gtk-qt-engine. I'll get rid of it to see if
that helps. For what it's worth, rather than using qtcurve, I'm going to
use gtk-kde4-oxygen-theme instead.

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