[arch-general] X server freeze on logout (WAS: Re: latest updates broke kde3, kde4, twm & console login ability)

David C. Rankin drankinatty at suddenlinkmail.com
Mon Jul 20 13:46:32 EDT 2009

On Tuesday 14 July 2009 11:18:24 am Pierre Schmitz wrote:
> On Tuesday 14 July 2009 15:43:58 Thomas Bächler wrote:
> > Solve it by editing
> > /usr/share/config/kdm/kdmrc and adding TerminateServer=true to a
> > [X-*-Core] section, then restart kdm.
> Maybe we should add this by default?

I will have to reinstall my arch drive on my laptop to test, but I can confirm that X or kdm freezes the local console on kde shutdown. The screen, mouse and keyboard is frozen solid. You still have ssh access to the box, but no local console ability at all. If you ssh into the box and manually "kill kdmPID", then shutdown proceeds normally. If you don't have ssh access/ability, then a hard restart is required.

This is on a Toshiba 205D with a Radeon RS690M (x1200) adapter and radeonhd driver. I'll test the kdmrc change next time arch is loaded.

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