[arch-general] Help: assigning bugs for these type of tickets

Gerardo Exequiel Pozzi vmlinuz386 at yahoo.com.ar
Thu Jul 23 10:26:47 EDT 2009

Hi Devs :)

The intention of this mail is to clarify the correct/current
assignements of task in the bugtraker that are not related with packages
from repositories.

I think that the category "web page" includes many types of tasks:

Webpage: Latest News/RSS/Downloads/Search feed and general webpage code
@ Dusty Phillips, Simo Leone, ?
Forum: @ ?
Wiki: @ Loui Chang, ?
Flyspray: @ Roman Kyrylych, ?
New mirror: @ Dusty Phillips, Aaron Griffin, (*), ?
Problem with torrents: @ ?
Others?: @ ?

(*) I think that also to Dan McGee, but he is currently working full on

Also these other cases:

What about orphaned packages? My current rule is assign to the latest
packager or commiter, but what about if this removes himself from the
assignement? Can be a FR o BR both are important, if nobody take it,
should be reported to mailing list and moved to community, so a TU can
adopt it?

What about packages that are reported as non-working because compiled
with old libs or other issues, fails to build, and still on repos for
many weeks/months. Report the FS to the mailing list for removing or
move to unsupported?

That's all for now. Thanks in advance.

Gerardo Exequiel Pozzi ( djgera )
KeyID: 0x1B8C330D
Key fingerprint = 0CAA D5D4 CD85 4434 A219  76ED 39AB 221B 1B8C 330D

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