[arch-general] where is xorgversion.m4

Jan de Groot jan at jgc.homeip.net
Thu Jul 30 04:10:44 EDT 2009

On Thu, 2009-07-30 at 00:44 -0500, David C. Rankin wrote:
> Listmates,
> 	I can't build the radeonhd driver any longer due to a missing xorgversion.m4. I have both 
> m4 1.4.13-1
> xorg-util-macros 1.2.2-1
> installed but I can't find the xorgversion file. Any ideas?

That file is deprecated:

# Previous versions used to install xorgversion.m4, now integrated
# into xorg-macros.m4.  Explicitly remove that old file in order not
# to have a macro defined in two different files.
	rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(aclocaldir)/xorgversion.m4


This has been changed a year ago, so I guess you're trying to compile something very old.

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