[arch-general] Emacs 23 window resize on startup

Edgar Kalkowski eMail at edgar-kalkowski.de
Thu Jul 30 09:15:46 EDT 2009

Hello list!

I know this is not an Arch specific question but I thought maybe something similar occurred to someone here and he knows a solution.

I just updated to Emacs 23 which has new fancy font code with antialiasing etc. However the default font of 12pt is way too big for my taste. So I changed it to 10pt and saved the configuration to my ~/.emacs file.

Everything works fine -- the font is smaller now -- but: Every time I start Emacs now the window first resizes to the dimensions that would be needed by the old (bigger) font. The (yet empty) window is then displayed and layouted by the window manager (KDE 4’s kwin). I configured it to center all new windows by default because I like it that way. Then the Emacs window resizes itself to match the new (smaller) font and the window is no longer centered!

This may seem like a minor issue and I know it is. But it nevertheless annoys me and I did not find a way to change this behaviour! Is there a way to do so? Emacs should just first resize the window to match the font size the user has actually configured and then display the window!


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