[arch-general] Emacs 23 window resize on startup

Edgar Kalkowski eMail at edgar-kalkowski.de
Thu Jul 30 11:12:04 EDT 2009

Hi Christian!

Thank you for this tip but I’m afraid it does not work for me. I executed the commands you suggested and they worked without printing any error (at first they did because of a typo of mine). The result is that my Emacs window now starts up quite small in the middle of the screen and the is almost (before the actual content is drawn) resized to a bigger size. But this also makes it appear not centered but rather asymmetrical somewhat left of the center of the screen.

Perhaps I’ll try my luck on the Emacs help mailing list in a few days or so.


Am oder ungefähr am Donnerstag, 30. Juli 2009, um 16:34:25 schrieb Christian Himpel:
> Hi,
> as a workaround, until someone comes up with a nice lisp solution, you
> can set the font for emacs in your ~/.Xresources (or whatever you call
> it).
> For example:
> $ cat >> .Xresources << EOF
> Emacs*font: Terminus 10
> $ xrdb -merge .Xresources
> At least it works for me (and my tiling wm).
> Regards,
> chressie
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