[arch-general] how to migrate installs between hard drives?

Tim Gelter tgelter at gurulabs.com
Thu Jul 30 11:23:37 EDT 2009

Adriano de Moura wrote:
> If the NTFS partition is mandatory, and you're doing a backup, you could
> just tar everything. It will sure preserve every attribute.
> Em Thu, 30 Jul 2009 12:08:32 -0300, David Rosenstrauch
> <darose at darose.net> escreveu:
>> I think NTFS is the issue.  I don't think that it supports the same
>> permission and ownership capabilities as native *nix file systems.
>> For example, when I mount my windows partition, I have to specify a
>> gid and a umask, else I don't have permissions to access it.  From my
>> fstab:
>> /dev/sda2 /mnt/windows ntfs ro,gid=users,umask=0222 0 1
>> Must the destination be NTFS?
>> DR
>> Will Siddall wrote:
>>> The hd is ext3, the bigdrive is ntfs
>>>> What filesystem is the destination? You're aware of the fact that FAT32
>>>> doesn't support permissions and ownership?
NTFS certainly doesn't support the same attributes. I'd recommend doing
as was suggested (using tar) or some similar archiving method or just
use another filesystem for the big drive -- I like to format all of my
external drives with a large partition (most of the disk) that is ext3
and a very small partition on the beginning of the disk (20 mb or so)
that is fat32 which contains the ext3 filesystem driver for windows
machines so that they can install it if necessary to access the other
partition on the disk.

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