[arch-general] High fragmentation rate with ext4?

Cá Vàng clarious at gmail.com
Thu Jun 11 05:57:21 EDT 2009

Hello everyone!

As linux 2.6.30 is out, I decided to migrate my data partition to
ext4. Hoping for better performance and less fragmentation.

But, after format it with "mkfs.ext4 - largefile /dev/..." and copy
all the file back to the partition, I got whooping number of 30%
non-contiguous files! Then I reformat it with reserved block set to
10% (-m 10), still got the same fragment rate :-(

Okay, so I try it again, this time with ext3, then I do a "mount -a"
to remount all the partitions, copy some files (size between 2 MBs~40
MBs) back in, guess what? This is the result of fsck:

      81 inodes used (0.07%)
      69 non-contiguous files (85.2%)

Then I remember that "mount -a" mount the partition as ext4 (since I
haven't changed my fstab yet), okay, so I format it again, and mount
it with "mount -t ext3 ....", copy some files in and this is the

      81 inodes used (0.07%)
       9 non-contiguous files (11.1%)

Still not as good as it was before, but much better than the 85.2 rate above.

So is this a bug? Does anyone have this problem? My e2fsprogs version
is 1.41.5-2

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