[arch-general] Openbox - great lightweight desktop, similar to icewm, but better in several regards

Frédéric Perrin frederic.perrin at resel.fr
Fri Jun 12 12:08:36 EDT 2009

Le Mercredi 10 à 9:46, David C. Rankin a écrit :
> Listmates,
> 	After reading the newsletter article about old boxes with
> minimal hardware collecting dust in a closet, I thought about the
> openbox desktop I had just given a run-through and thought I would
> pass it along. You have several lightweight desktops to choose from,
> icewm, fluxbox, etc.., but also add openbox to the list. As a minimal
> desktop, it is pretty cool.

I'm surprised that in this thread, nobody mentionned FVWM yet. It's a
bit "the great old one", one upon which quite a number of other WM are
based, but it is still actively developped. It is maybe a bit bigger
that other WM mentionned, but we are far from KDE / GNOME / XFCE.

A great strength of FVWM is its configurability (don't forget it is
coming from someone who uses emacs ;-). The default desktop is rather
rough. Instead, you are expected to configure it to your linking. The
behaviour of the WM is completely definable. You can have titlebars with
ten buttons bind to any mouse button doing any action you wish, dynamic
menu that fetch there contents over the Net, panels that swallow
arbitrary applications. It supports UTF-8, PNG transparency and
blending, binding actions to mouse motion (haven't tried this one
yet...), Xft2 fonts, etc.

It can be as silent or as intrusive as you like, just giving you a frame
around windows to move them or a full environment that doesn't pity some
DE's ones.

There is quite a diversity of shots in fvwm.org's screenshots section
(but the artistic taste of some is sometimes lacking :).


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