[arch-general] Installing kde-unstable with existing kdemod3 - Perfect Receipe

David C. Rankin drankinatty at suddenlinkmail.com
Fri Jun 19 01:26:33 EDT 2009


	They say 3rd time is the charm, and so it was. On my 3rd install of 
kde-unstable with an existing kdemod3 install, I have hit deduced a procedure 
for doing it that will allow for the installation of kde-unstable without 
conflict or the need to resort to any "unrecommended" features of pacman. For 
those of you wanting to try the latest development version of kde4 without 
losing your kdemod3 install, this is the easiest way I have found to do it.

	I'll layout the procedure below, but a note. Don't get these steps out of 
order or you will have many conflicts listed whey you try to install kde4. 
(I've been there). Here is how I did it:

  (1)	Edit /etc/pacman.conf and add the kde-unstable repository BEFORE the 
kdemod-legacy repository:

Include = /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

Server = http://kdemod.iskrembilen.com/legacy/x86_64

  (2)	Do a fresh update of your current system with:

# pacman -Sy -u

:: Starting full system upgrade...
:: Replace kdemultimedia with kde-unstable/kde-meta-kdemultimedia? [Y/n]

	Answer YES !!

  (3)	Install kde4.3 Beta 2 as a normal kde install from kde-unstable

# pacman -S kde

	For the FIRST package group Answer YES !!

kde package not found, searching for group...
:: group kde (including ignored packages):
    kdeaccessibility-colorschemes  kdeaccessibility-iconthemes  
kdeaccessibility-kmag kdeaccessibility-kmousetool  kdeaccessibility-kmouth  
kdeaccessibility-kttsd  kdeadmin-kcron


:: Install whole content? [Y/n] Yes

	For the SECOND package group Anser NO !!  Then answer NO for EVERY one of the 
suggested packages:

:: group kde (including ignored packages):
    kdeaccessibility  kdeadmin  kdeartwork  kdebase  kdebase-runtime 
kdebase-workspace  kdeedu  kdegames kdegraphics  kdelibs  kdemultimedia  
kdenetwork  kdepim  kdepimlibs  kdeplasma-addons  kdesdk  kdetoys kdeutils  
:: Install whole content? [Y/n] n
:: Install kdeaccessibility from group kde? [Y/n] n
:: Install kdeadmin from group kde? [Y/n] n
:: Install kdeartwork from group kde? [Y/n] n
:: Install kdebase from group kde? [Y/n] n
:: Install kdebase-runtime from group kde? [Y/n] n
:: Install kdebase-workspace from group kde? [Y/n] n
:: Install kdeedu from group kde? [Y/n] n
:: Install kdegames from group kde? [Y/n] n
:: Install kdegraphics from group kde? [Y/n] n
:: Install kdelibs from group kde? [Y/n] n
:: Install kdemultimedia from group kde? [Y/n] n
:: Install kdenetwork from group kde? [Y/n] n
:: Install kdepim from group kde? [Y/n] n
:: Install kdepimlibs from group kde? [Y/n] n
:: Install kdeplasma-addons from group kde? [Y/n] n
:: Install kdesdk from group kde? [Y/n] n
:: Install kdetoys from group kde? [Y/n] n
:: Install kdeutils from group kde? [Y/n] n
:: Install kdewebdev from group kde? [Y/n] n


Proceed with installation? [Y/n] y

	The installation will then proceed normally.

  (4)	Finally, run 'updatedb' as root to sync your local database for mlocate:

# updatedb

	This isn't strictly required, but it help chasing down issue after the 
install if there are any.

	Now just log out and select kde as the session type and check out the new 
kde4 desktop. Hopefully this will save some other poor soul quite a bit of 
time on their first kde-unstable install.

P.S.	After the install you will still have kdm3 installed as the greeter 
daemon in /etc/rc.conf. This is fine. kdm for some reason doesn't list your 
kdemod3 session as an available session, so sticking with kdm3 will provide 
access to both kde3 and kde4.

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