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Nicolas Bigaouette nbigaouette at gmail.com
Thu May 7 09:55:08 EDT 2009

Have you guys heard of corkscrew? I can tunnel ssh through an http proxy
server... In my unversity they block completely your net account if you
don't report your MAC address to them. When you do, they give you a static
ip. For desktop thats fine, you give them the MAC when you buy your machine,
set your ip, and forget it. But for laptops its a pain.

When you connect a new machine to the network, you only have access to the
internal unisersity's website. Once you set up the proxy, you can go
elsewhere. But the proxy is slllllooooooowww...

Anyway, that does not solve your issue of incoming connection. It might for
outgoing connections.
I had to ask personnaly the IT dep, with support from my supervisor, for
opening a single port (SSH) on our server. Lenghty process...

2009/5/7 Andrea Scarpino <andrea at archlinux.org>

> Hi Corrado,
> On 07/05/2009, bardo <ilbardo at gmail.com> wrote:
> > That said, I once managed, as a student, to meet the whole IT team in
> > my university, and in an official encounter I demanded to open at
> > least some more ports... You see, there are exams where you *have* to
> > use CVS/SVN for your projects, and the ports are filtered out from the
> > inside. It's not an annoyance, it's just plain stupid: you often work
> > with people who live very far from the city and you can't work
> > together at the university.
> In fact. This is the same reply which I expect from they, anyway I
> will try to talk with IT team of my university.
> > Well, they refused to open ports citing legislations, the need to
> > filter p2p apps, the heaviness of level 7 filters... Heck, we didn't
> > even have IMAP! I told them that, with https open, we could tunnel
> > everything where we wanted. They know it and don't care, because it's
> > a really small niche of students that can do it. I can assure you that
> > I was very, very tempted to write an easy to use tunneling app and
> > publish it for all the students to use.
> I tried some application as proxytunnel but with no results, but I
> will try again...and again...
> PS. s/partially/partly!!!! LOL
> --
> Andrea `BaSh` Scarpino
> Arch Linux Developer

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