[arch-general] default ~/.config/compiz/compizconfig prevents compiz start with radeonhd

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E. drankinatty at suddenlinkmail.com
Sat May 9 04:09:37 EDT 2009


	I thought I would pass along a bug and a solution. I struggled trying to get 
compiz running on my arch x86_64 install on my laptop with the radeonhd 
driver for my x1200 card. After pulling my xorg.conf apart, swapping between 
the radeon and radeonhd driver and posting to the compiz list, I got the 
solution from a reply on the compiz list.

	The problem is with the archlinux default 
~/.config/compiz/compizconfig/config supplied along with the 
compiz-fusion-kde package. The default is:

profile = 

	For some reason this prevents compiz from starting with either the radeon or 
radeonhd driver.


	Upon Compiz start, the display behaves exactly like it is going to work. The 
display goes blank, sequentially erasing and redrawing each window, but then 
it never actually  starts. The windows are just left there with no decor. You 
can sill provide input to them, but you cannot move or resize them. Issuing 
kwin --replace & causes the reverse to happen (windows destroyed, black 
screen, windows then redrawn with kde decor.


	From the compiz list, the suggestion was made to go ahead and let compiz try 
to start. Since you still have input capability, issue ccsm from the command 
line and then configure compiz forcing a new config to be written, then 
reload compiz. I did the equivalent, but took a shortcut by simply rsyncing 
~/.config/compiz from another working machine. Problem solved.


	When issuing glxinfo from a konsole cli as $USER everything works fine. 
However, if you are su to root $UID then glxinfo fails:

[23:07 alchemy:/home/david] # glxinfo
No protocol specified
Error: unable to open display :0.0

	Dunno if this is a bug or feature, but I thought I would pass it along. I'll 
file a bug report on the default config issue, fixing it will save a lot of 
folks a lot of heartache and newbies from thinking Linux doesn't work.

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