[arch-general] KDE, Bluetooth and Wifi

Manne Merak mannemerak at gmail.com
Wed May 27 04:47:02 EDT 2009

So, I am new here, just installed ArchLinux on my work laptop.  Had some 
issues with getting X and KDE4 up, but all fine now.
KDE4 is different, I can see why some people dislike it - still needs 
that polished feeling that 3.5 had, but hey that will come with time.
My biggest concern at the moment is Bluetooth mouse and Wifi.  
KBluetooth looses my mouse, randomly, and there is no KNetworkManager 
(well a finished one) at the moment.

So my question, what does the ArchLinux KDE community use for Bluetooth 
and Wifi management.
(I can fiddle round with bluez and wpa_supplicant config files, but 
would rather use some higher level config util)

ps. I come from the OpenSUSE world, so excuse my desire for management 

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