[arch-general] KDE, Bluetooth and Wifi

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Wed May 27 04:58:48 EDT 2009

Manne Merak schrieb:
> So, I am new here, just installed ArchLinux on my work laptop.  Had some 
> issues with getting X and KDE4 up, but all fine now.
> KDE4 is different, I can see why some people dislike it - still needs 
> that polished feeling that 3.5 had, but hey that will come with time.
> My biggest concern at the moment is Bluetooth mouse and Wifi.  
> KBluetooth looses my mouse, randomly, and there is no KNetworkManager 
> (well a finished one) at the moment.
> So my question, what does the ArchLinux KDE community use for Bluetooth 
> and Wifi management.
> (I can fiddle round with bluez and wpa_supplicant config files, but 
> would rather use some higher level config util)
> Manne
> ps. I come from the OpenSUSE world, so excuse my desire for management 
> tools.

 From my experience, kbluetooth4 is rather useless (many bugs, no 
features, virtually no active development). I've been using blueman 
recently, which does all I need. My mouse works great with bluez and 
automatically connects (all I had to do is set it to "trusted" in the 
blueman device manager).
I sometimes have the problem that the mouse stops working, but then I 
simply switch it off, wait for a while and switch it on again, but this 
hasn't happened in a while now.

About networkmanager, I always disliked it very much and don't know what 
KDE users do about it nowadays.

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