[arch-general] KDE, Bluetooth and Wifi

Manne Merak mannemerak at gmail.com
Wed May 27 05:34:45 EDT 2009

Thomas Bächler wrote:
> Manne Merak schrieb:
>> So, I am new here, just installed ArchLinux on my work laptop.  Had 
>> some issues with getting X and KDE4 up, but all fine now.
>> KDE4 is different, I can see why some people dislike it - still needs 
>> that polished feeling that 3.5 had, but hey that will come with time.
>> My biggest concern at the moment is Bluetooth mouse and Wifi.  
>> KBluetooth looses my mouse, randomly, and there is no KNetworkManager 
>> (well a finished one) at the moment.
>> So my question, what does the ArchLinux KDE community use for 
>> Bluetooth and Wifi management.
>> (I can fiddle round with bluez and wpa_supplicant config files, but 
>> would rather use some higher level config util)
>> Manne
>> ps. I come from the OpenSUSE world, so excuse my desire for 
>> management tools.
> From my experience, kbluetooth4 is rather useless (many bugs, no 
> features, virtually no active development). I've been using blueman 
> recently, which does all I need. My mouse works great with bluez and 
> automatically connects (all I had to do is set it to "trusted" in the 
> blueman device manager).
> I sometimes have the problem that the mouse stops working, but then I 
> simply switch it off, wait for a while and switch it on again, but 
> this hasn't happened in a while now.
> About networkmanager, I always disliked it very much and don't know 
> what KDE users do about it nowadays.

Using blueman I found that the bluetooth module was not responding as it 
should (kbluetoothd just started with no error, and kbluetooth tools 
just gave dbus errors!).
So it seems that the bluetooth modules does not survive a 
suspend-to-RAM, will have to place bluetooth and btusb modules in reload 
list for suspend.
So has development on Kbluetooth stopped? I cant find any clarity on 
this on the KDE-apps page.


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