[arch-general] Fix or not fix? install scriptlets with user handling.

Frédéric Perrin frederic.perrin at resel.fr
Thu May 28 19:56:48 EDT 2009


Le Vendredi 29 à 0:03, Daenyth Blank a écrit :
> On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 17:33, Attila <attila at invalid.invalid> wrote:
>> But -1 for don't restarting because it is the job of a package
>> management to guarantee that an upgrade is safe and if a daemon needs
>> to restart than doing this is better as doing nothing.
> -1. Restarting it automatically is also bad. If it's currently
> stopped, restarting it will still start it, and the user may not want
> it stopped at all (which restarting it would do).

I'm just an user, but... if I ask the service to be restarted when it is
not started yet, I would expect the rc script to fail as early and
loudly as possible, no ?

Somebody suggested interactively asking the user about restarting the
service, it means more babysitting of the upgrade process which is bad.
A big warning message "You should restart service $FOO when you are done
updating" is good. Even better, all such messages could be displayed at
the end of the upgrade process, so that they are not lost in the middle
of the normal progress indicators.

Juste my €0.02.


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