[arch-general] Mayday - Installed Fresh Archlinux on Laptop - Resolution stuck 1152x864, need 1440x900??

David C. Rankin drankinatty at suddenlinkmail.com
Wed Nov 4 00:31:20 EST 2009


New drive for my laptop so I dedicated it to Arch. Net install with 2009.08 went fine (although there really should be a warning when you leave install WITHOUT configuring the bootloader). [the /arch/setup menu autoadvances when you leave Configure System and if you click Done and downarrow anticipating moving to the next item,  you can easily miss configuring the bootloader (I did ;-)]

The problem I have is that my laptop is stuck in 1152x864 resolution. For the text install that is fantastic, but when you start kde -- not so good. (should be 1440x900) The card is an RS690M (radeon 1200) and the radeon driver was loaded by default. The modules configured are:

22:46 alchemy:~> lsmod | grep rad
radeon                716352  1
ttm                    43776  1 radeon
drm                   191392  2 radeon,ttm
i2c_algo_bit            6980  1 radeon
i2c_core               25664  4 radeon,i2c_piix4,drm,i2c_algo_bit


I have Arch on the drive I just took out and it goes to 1440x900 just fine.

I am not using an xorg.conf, so I am pretty much at X's mercy. I use /etc/rc.d/kdm start from runlevel 3 to start kdm. It goes to 1152x864 instead of 1440x900. I don't understand how to control the new KMS stuff. I have check the kde4 settings for Display Size and Orientations, but the maximum allowed is 1152x864:



What is the trick?

Also, when I try to start xdm from inittab with the default x:5:respawn:/usr/bin/xdm -nodaemon
I get the disabling for 5 seconds, respawning too fast error. So, what's the trick here? I bet there related...

I have put the Xorg.0.log on the server as well:


It looks like the dang thing is using the vesa driver?? I'll add radeon to modules, but It's loaded already so I don't think that's going to help. Anybody know what's happening here? This is the first install where I haven't installed KDE3, so i don't know if that is a part of the issue either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you need to see anything else, just let me know.  Thanks.

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