[arch-general] Swfdec Gnash

Lars Tennstedt oss at larstennstedt.de
Thu Nov 5 05:55:18 EST 2009

Christopher Daley wrote:
>>From my experience it's not ready as a drop in replacement. Only basic
> things seem to work with any reliability.
> On 11/4/09, Lars Tennstedt <oss at larstennstedt.de> wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> the current problem with the new Xorg and the NVIDIA legacy driver and
>> the progress of the nouveau driver let me think about removing the
>> another last proprietary package on my systems. Please tell me of your
>> experience with Swfdec and Gnash for example with YouTube and other
>> flash content.
>> Thanks for your time!
>> Bye
>> Lars

I installed Gnash an Swfdec and tried myself. Swfdec works better with 
YouTube in my superficial testing.
Using Firefox with the addon Download Helper to save flash movies and 
then VLC or MPlayer to play them seems to be a good workaround to get 
away of the Adobe Flash plugin. We will see.


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