[arch-general] Problem with hard disk - not arch related

Dario carotinobg at yahoo.it
Fri Nov 6 19:52:32 EST 2009


In data sabato 07 novembre 2009 00:23:13, Rogutės Sparnuotos ha scritto:
> There's no clever advice I could give you, but I vaguely remember having
> similar problems and similar logs some time ago (perhaps when kernel
> 2.6.29 became stable). The block device of my drive used to become
> but the mounted filesystem continued to work, IIRC.

Indeed the filesystems is left intact, which at least is a good thing:)
> Are you running Linux kernel 2.6.31?

Yes, I am. Previously I pointed out the video card because the first time I 
met this problem, I was doing dirty things with CUDA under Ubuntu 9.04, and 
rebooting brought everything back in order. Could this be a sign of a 
relationship between the closed source Nvidia drivers and the wild controller?

thanks for answering:) I'll give a look at the bios, and I'll try to find a 
way to reproduce the bug, which up to now seems to appear randomly.


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