[arch-general] Entranced - Anybody Using It? I get it started, can enter name, but that's it.

David C. Rankin drankinatty at suddenlinkmail.com
Tue Nov 10 23:53:59 EST 2009


I was trying to setup entranced on Arch. I followed the enlightenment.org 
wiki, but the arch setup for Xsession, etc. left me a little unsure on exactly 
where some of the entrance_edit path info should point.

The Arch default for entrance_config.cfg is:

Entrance Daemon Settings
  attempts = 5
  xserver = "/usr/bin/X -quiet -br -nolisten tcp vt7"
Entrance Client Settings
  xsession = "/etc/X11/Xsession"
  auth = 1
  engine = 0
  reboot = 1
  halt = 1
  theme = "default.edj"
  background = ""
  pointer = "/usr/share/entrance/images/pointer.png"
  greeting-before = "Welcome to"
  greeting-after = ""
  date-format = "%A %B %e, %Y"
  time-format = "%l:%M:%S %p"
  autologin-mode = 0
  autologin-user = ""
  presel-mode = 1
  presel-prevuser = ""
  user-remember = 1
  user-remember-count = 5
  user-count = 0
  session-count = 2
  default-session = "default"
  default-session-title = "Default"
  default-session-icon = "default.png"

The 'xsession' line can't be right because Arch doesn't have 
"/etc/X11/Xsession". So I'm thinking that is the problem. The box is booting 
to runlevel 3 and all xdm/kdm startup in /etc/inittab are commented out. (the 
wiki said to disable all xdm and kdm) I have the daemons in rc.conf set to: .. 
alsa entranced famd) and entrance starts and display the default winter theme. 
All my desktops were listed (e16, e17, icewm, kde, lxde, openbox).  The 
username entry works and I can type my name in there, but the password line is 
grayed out and will accept no input. The little 'lock' icon and the '>' 
(right-arrow) below the password line are grayed out as well.

When things wouldn't work, I just used ctrl+alt+f1 and /etc/rc.d/entranced 
stop to kill it and then just used kdm. 

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