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Arvid Picciani aep at exys.org
Tue Nov 17 15:52:10 EST 2009

Ionut Biru wrote:
> On 11/17/2009 07:07 PM, Arvid Picciani wrote:
>> Mutt grows old and still doesn't do threads the way i want.
>> i've tried sup, but find it too early in development. Especcially it is
>> unusable slow.
>> Can somone recommend another MUA?
>> thanks
> you could try thunderbird. thunderbird 3 which is now beta is very nice 
> compared with thunderbid2.

i'm using it right now because sup broke and i'm to lazy to resetup 
mutt. It's HORRIBLE. Its quick to setup and was able to send email 
quickly, but its nowhere near comfortable and never will be.

- It can't open attachments. You get that defect gnome box and the only 
option is download and "open with", which leads to another defect gnome 
box that lets you open arbitary files, then it crashes. awesome.
- the imap support is crippled. it doesnt recognise subfolders at all. 
How do people windows people use imap? like pop?
- you can't kill threads.
- But that doesnt matter since they don't bump anyway.
- It responds to the sender despite the mail clearly has a list header.
- it does ugly blue bars instead of just > for indent. Oh sorry, not 
ugly,i mean shiny shiny shiny vista look!  *claps hands like a retard*
- it tries to be smart and spamprotect me against status reports from my 
own machine. oh right, windows doesn't have cron.
- it's dead ugly. yeah educate me that gnome has a setting, dude i dont 
have windows.
- printing doesnt work, that weird windows gui dialog only has 
"Postscript/Default" and if you click "print" basicly nothing happens.
- it autocorrects me when i type an email address and enters someone i 
didnt intent to address.
- it requires a mouse
- whatever the fuck the keys "1234" do, its dead annoying when i 
accidently press them  (alt+1234 is my WM)
- no option to save mail to drafts, but a draft folder. what the?

K Windows K Live K Mail and Gnome Windows Dissolution are around the 
same quality.
However i have to grant them one positive side: i was able to write a 
mail without actually reading a manual, which is good if you just broke 
your system and are in a hurry or something. On the other hand that's 
propably because i had to setup a  couple of failbirds for coworkers 
with windows machines.

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