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David C. Rankin drankinatty at suddenlinkmail.com
Wed Nov 18 02:08:56 EST 2009

On Tuesday 17 November 2009 11:07:08 and regarding:
> Mutt grows old and still doesn't do threads the way i want.
> i've tried sup, but find it too early in development. Especcially it is
> unusable slow.
> Can somone recommend another MUA?
> thanks

I've used about all of them from plain mailx to Thunderbird with all the bells 
and whistles. It is really a find one you like issue. As long as you aren't 
one of the nutballs that likes to compile C programs from within your mail 
reader, then any of the current generation mailers will do.

I always hated kmail, but when I was doing the kde 4.3 beta stuff I forced 
myself to use it for purposes of testing kontact and korganizer with groupware 
integration -- and against my will, it really grew on me. All opinion aside, 
there are some excellent technical features built in to kmail that I haven't 
found anywere else.

Thunderbird - used it for years, still maintain a "master copy" of important 
emails in it, but I hate to admit it -- kmail has it beat in UI efficiency.

I've just used evolution a couple of times, so I don't know enough to comment 
on it. I have it configured in my gnome desktop under my theory of (use the 
native tools - dummy), but I just can't tell you more right now.

Alpine - if you are working from the cli works great, full featured and 
supports gpg encryption. Until I figured out relay hosts in postfix, I used 
pine/alpine all the time for email when I was connecting from outside my ISP's 

There are a lot of good packages out there, you just have to find the one that 
fits your tastes and needs.

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