[arch-general] usable browser?

Arvid Picciani aep at exys.org
Thu Nov 26 18:38:18 EST 2009

ever since ff3 turned firefox into unusable, i'm on the quest to find a 
usable browser.
Chromium was quite decent for a while (after fixing the dbus dependency) 
despite it deadlocks when you mouse-move tabs (fortunately i dont do 
that anyway), but recently it started timing out on every second request.
The answer from google was: deactivate your windows firewall, so well.. 
back to searching a browser.
Basicly each and every firefox clone/fork/based browser has the same 
issues as firefox (100% disk i/o all the time even when idle), so those 
don't work.  webkit based browsers can't render half of the internet 
properly. i wonder if somone cloned chromiums webkit thing and made a 
brwoser of it?   uzbl is quite decent, i wish they'd use chromes rendering.
opera would be awesome if it didn't have billions of popups and their 
"Upgrade to opera10" popup really made me uninstall opera.

any options left?

Asgaard Technologies

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