[arch-general] Upgrading libwebkit finds conflict between udev and initscripts

Nezmer at allurelinux.org Nezmer at allurelinux.org
Thu Nov 26 19:53:06 EST 2009

On Thu, Nov 26, 2009 at 05:17:56PM -0500, Samuel Baldwin wrote:
> 2009/11/26 Samuel Baldwin <recursive.forest at gmail.com>:
> > Is this going to upgrade every package on my system?
> Uh, yeah, is there any other way to do this without installing 410 packages?
I know the discussion shifted to the daily preach about the importance
of upgrading. But to answer this very question:

Yes you can. You grab libwebkit(and any missing dependencies) from
ABS(or SVN) and build them. If everything builds successfully with
the current packages you have in your system, then you are good to go.

Having said that, webkitgtk(Upstream name) develops fast. They have 
1.1.15.x stable releases and 1.1.16.x releases. 
Some browsers(e.g Epiphany) develop for a not yet released version
(using SVN trunk or GIT API).

Long story short, you would need updated packages If you want the latest
and greatest from a webkit-based browser.

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