[arch-general] usable browser?

Arvid Picciani aep at exys.org
Fri Nov 27 02:02:44 EST 2009

thank's for the first serious response...

Rogutės Sparnuotos wrote:

> With what you wrote above - no, no options.
> It sounds like you dump software as soon as you encounter any annoyance.

point, sadly the annoyances usually come in large bulk as feature 
"improvements" together with crucial updates, i actually want. Hence i 
figured i want a browsers that is NOT based on the idea to make 
everything WORSE.

> Wouldn't it be wiser to workaround them, since annoyances (or small bugs)
> are always part of everything?

i do that up so some degree where the workaround consumes more time then 
    stealing my girlfriends mac. Ie the ff workaround was avarage 1 day 
fixing time each update since they managed to introduce workarounds for 
my workarounds.

> I guess writing a browser could teach one
> to live with bugs...


> I am sure you can disable those popups in opera (or stay with 9.64 for the
> time being, if you like opera).

yeah thats unfortunately just one minor nuisance out of so many 
"features" they add. and the older versions cant render web 2.0 crap. 
same lemma.
Also since i used chrome i got spoiled by its simplicity (which they 
managed to remove now in the latest version by adding more of those all 
so useful "features").

> What kind of I/O activity do you see with Firefox? 

disk i/o. It's flush() in a busy loop, says kernel wakup debuging mode. 
well my kernel  debugging skills are limited.
i solved it by sticking .mozilla on a ram disk. that worked until the 
next memory leak bug, then kswapd died out the disk. I tried then 
mounting .mozilla to vaporspace but it would just make ff crash 
constantly, so i gave up.

How do you measure it?

iotop. powertop. strace.

> I don't see any problems on my side.

no one does. the bug got rejected as "can't reproduce". which propably 
means "buy a bigger disk faggot. everyone nowadays runs 
kde/vista/whatever" bleh...

ff always used an entire core, which i care less about because i have 
another, but since i use chrome i got used to leaving my browser open.

oh did i mention firefox now depends on dbus?
Call me whatever you want to, but i actively refuse to run any software 
that starts user space dameons that starts user space dameons that start 
  a power consuming poll loop on my bluetooth device until either laptop 
or my mobile phone die.

IgnorePkg   = dbus dbus-core gconf dbus-glib

solves ALOT of power and network related problems.
Also it helps me choosing good software by ruling those out that think 
they need to do _everything_ when i just wanted _one thing_.

> What sites were incorrectly rendered with webkit?

ebay.de did. now it works. dunno who fixed it.
but you got a point there, it's been a while since i tried webkit. maybe 
it improved significantly after chrome opensource'd. I'll try one of 
these webking thingies again. suggestions?  um actually i know, uzbl. 
will report back if it still sucks as much as it did a few months ago.

> Also, there's dillo. Small and fast, but no CSS floats, no javascript.

the bad part is actually no javascript. since most sites are now 
unusable without.  ( and with, but meh)

Asgaard Technologies

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